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Intellectual Activities Leading To Evaluation (IALE) Digital Assignment

Assignment I   - Social   (Any Two)   at   ''JV-Interaction Vichaar Manch''


  1. Present Social Management during Corona Virus Attack in India
  2. Future Social Management during Health Disaster  in India
  3. Present  Heath Management during Corona Virus Attack in India
  4. Future  Heath Management during Corona Virus Attack in India
  5. How to improve the Immunity to prevent  from various diseases.
  6. Personal Responsibility during  Disaster

Guidelines to obtain good- marks
Get Registered and become a Member of JV- Interaction Vichar Manch Write a each note/write-up of minimum 500 words for Assignment I & II to describe the topic mentioned the tickets posted on JV- Interaction Vichar Manch 
Mention Your Name, Enrollment No, Father Name, Mother Name, Topic Name , Program Name and University Name with #Hashtages before writing a write-up 
Give Reference of already published Literature 
Use Live Examples Use University references/link along with University website link compulsorily 
Use Hashtag # on your write-up (minimum 25 )
Describe Ancient Indian Literature references to correlate (if any)